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About Us

Vagabond Creations was founded on the premise that every object that we wear, carry or use around the house is a chance to showcase your personality; be it mischievous, introspective or simply a devil-may-care attitude towards life. Life is too precious too abundant too inspiring, why be a brand billboard all the time! We hope that our creations strike a chord with you so that you flaunt our labor of love. We make quality products and keep trying to reduce our carbon footprint all the time.


Mini aka Meenakshi Agrawal - One of the founders of this eclectic creative studio is an artist who's always buzzing with ideas, energy and mischief. She holds a degree from one of the finer art colleges in Mumbai, the LS Raheja College of Arts, Bandra. Her keen sense of design and her ability to bulldoze her way through challenging projects makes her the pivotal force behind Vagabond Creations.

This petite artist makes the transformation from a Thumbelina to a looming Hulk within seconds, and is best approached in a good mood. As a design professional she's had sizeable stints with publications like The Indian Express, Mumbai, DNA and Femina before launching her own venture.


Shashi aka Shashadhar Waigankar - An ex-ad agency hack given to doodling and drooling, Shashi has found his calling in this little studio. A crisp writer with a bone dry sense of humour, he looks after the nuts and bolts of the business too. And when that gets boring he scrawls toilet graffiti anonymously, nurturing the hope that one day he'll be famous like Banksy.

This wife and husband duo is supported by their loving families, friends and a close knit community of artists.